Modern Composer in All Genres

Just Playing with Music, That's Me

Laurens Latour (1965) is a dutch allround modern composer, working and residing in the Netherlands.

Though his musical origin and base is playing the piano, he is devellopping himself into a full (time) allround composer of classical as well as jazz, soul, pop and other genres of music. His aim in life as a composer is to create a full array of what he is capable of, just to let his audience enjoy the kind of music they like, whatever that is. And.. maybe they will also like, later on, listening to his other music, just something more complex and/or other genres.

Musicians, Ensembles and/or Bands

The current collection consists of some 100 original pieces for classical, jazz, blues, pop/rock, soul/disco and dance/trance.

All these are written for performing artists / bands/ musicians / ensembles in midi/score-pdf. The collection is extending every year by a hundred pieces.

The musical pieces are also audible-on-demand on demo tracks.

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Laurens Latour, NL